Configura Advance | Cushionair Pump (Battery Powered)


The Cushionair cushion is a dynamic pressure-relieving cushion which is normally recommended for users who have developed pressure damage. 

The principle is that the cells of the cushion inflate and deflate alternately. This provides pressure relief via cyclic changes in loading and unloading. 
There is a dial on the cushion pump which allows the cushion to be adjusted: soft through to firm. 

This setting is adjusted primarily in terms of comfort and is not purely based on the user’s weight. The overlay can be fitted under the cushion, so the user is sitting directly onto the cells. 

The cushion however, does tend to fit better if the overlay is fitted over the top, as standard; this slightly decreases the effect of the dynamic therapy, but provides superior comfort and stability.


Suitable for use with Configura Advance chair 
  • 160 kg (25 st) weight capacity 
  • The pump is battery powered
Pump Specs
  • Pressure range 70-90mmHG
  • Cycle time: 5-10mins
  • Dimensions of pump 160 x 105 x50mm

Standards Compliance

BS EN ISO 12952 parts 1 and 2 flammability test