Oxford Presence Floor Hoist


The Oxford® Presence is a heavy-duty mobile patient lift, competent enough to handle almost any patient-handling task. Its incredible lifting range ensures it can cope easily with the most critical of transfers, from the floor to high level surfaces.

The Oxford Presence has an outstanding lifting range (440mm – 1910mm). This lifter comes with Smart Monitor diagnostic and service controls as standard Interchangeable spreader bar and cradle options. The ergonomic design considerations and interaction points. The Oxford Presence has powered leg positioning for excellent access around furniture. This lifter is available in a low leg model which is especially suited to low bed frames Powered cradle and digital weigh-scale options.


 Specification                                                   Metric

Safe Working Load 227 kgs
Maximum Overall Length1460 mm
Minimum Overall Length1400 mm
Maximum Overall Height2065 mm
Minimum Overall Height1460 mm
Spreader Bar Maximum Height1910 mm
Spreader Bar Minimum Height430 mm
Height at Maximum Reach1310 mm
Reach at Maximum Height650 mm
Reach at Minimum Height400 mm
Maximum reach930 mm
Turning Radius 1630 mm
Legs Open - Internal Width1020 mm
Legs Closed - External Width 670 mm
Front Twin Casters100 mm
Rear Braked Casters100 mm
Overall Height of Legs120 mm
With Low Leg Option60 mm
Ground Clearance35 mm


Standards Compliance

AS/NZS ISO 10535:2011, Hoists for the transfer of disabled persons