No power required, adjust itself, up to 230kg patient weight.



No Pump

Exceptional Comfort


The OFFLOADER™ function can be used to suspend the heel for ‘zero pressure’ making it suitable as an aid in the prevention and treatment of heel ulcers up to and including category 4.

Heel Relief Slope

The mattress is crafted with a decline at the foot end, this assists in the prevention of pressure ulcers in one of the most vulnerable areas on the body.


V-Guard Technology mattress covers are designed to significantly reduce pressure ulcers. Our formulations reduce friction and help disperse moisture, both of which are major contributing factors to the formation of pressure ulcers.

Fire Evacuation Base

In the event of a fire, use the mattress to help evacuate your patient with the unique and innovative evacuation straps. Carry handles are located on the outer side of the mattress to allow you to move your patient safely.

OSKA Selector

With no clear algorithm or selection guide it can be difficult to know what mattress you should be selecting for your patients. To make this clear OSKA have devised a system, the OSKA Selector, to help carers identify if the patient is on the correct mattress.

Oska Aria Series 4-V3

Oska has you covered.

Stage 3 Pressure Ulcers are known as damage caused to the skin and the underlying skin and tissue layers. These sores most commonly develop in people with limited mobility and can lead to death if not cared for and cured correctly. As stated by the EPUAP, “For all practical purposes, evolving deep tissue injury should be provided the same level of pressure redistribution as a Category/Stage III or IV pressure ulcer.”1 It is critical that prevention and treatment steps are applied to pressure ulcers quickly and effectively, as continued pressure on an existing ulcer will delay healing and could lead to additional deterioration. Whilst maintaining the preventative steps such as turning the patient regularly, it is vital that the client is on effective and efficient pressure care equipment.

The Aria Mattress provides exceptional comfort, through self-alternating cells down the centre of the mattress, whilst providing significantly higher pressure care. These cells adjust to the client’s body weight and movement, this providing high pressure care and therefore allowing for pressure redistribution in the correct areas of the body. This includes the most vulnerable areas for pressure ulcers such as the head, shoulders, elbows, sacrum, coccyx, and ischial tuberosities. The self-alternating air cells help provide higher care, for the longer-term goal when in comparison to a full foam mattress.

Disorientation is a significant factor to the safety and comfort of the client. This can occur particularly with Dementia patients, or when sleeping on an air mattress. However, with the combination of air and foam this provides increased support and therefore eliminates the disorientated feeling or experiences of sleep inertia.

Using no electricity and no pump to function, the Oska Aria is extremely easy to use. Having no pump means carers are not struggling to understand how to function the mattress correctly and can focus more time caring for the client. The sound of silence is critical to the sleep quality of most people, so having no pump allows for the blissful silence, whilst still providing increased pressure care. Having no pump to regularly check and repair, this makes the Aria mattress extremely easy to maintain.

The Oska Aria mattress features a top layer of high response foam, known as the AeroliteTM. The AeroliteTM foam has been specifically designed to allow air to flow through the foam and ensure the body stays cool and dry. The microclimate properties of this foam are most important, as the body keeps cooler this prevents sweating and significantly reduces the risk of pressure ulcers.

Tired of sleepless nights?

Oska has you covered.