Fika Series Mattress
Uncompromised in-bed mobility


Low Density High Resistance Foam
(topper foam)

No Pump,
No power required



The OFFLOADER™ function can be used to suspend the heel for ‘zero pressure’ making it suitable as an aid in the prevention and treatment of heel ulcers up to and including category 4.

Heel Relief Slope

The mattress is crafted with a decline at the foot end, this assists in the prevention of pressure ulcers in one of the most vulnerable areas on the body.

Fire Evacuation Base

In the event of a fire, use the mattress to help evacuate your patient with the unique and innovative evacuation straps. Carry handles are located on the outer side of the mattress to allow you to move your patient safely.

V-Guard Technology

The mattress covers technology can withstand aggressive cleaning regimes, exhibit anti-decubitus properties, give improved durability and improve patient comfort.

OSKA Selector

With no clear algorithm or selection guide it can be difficult to know what mattress you should be selecting for your patients. To make this clear OSKA have devised a system, the OSKA Selector, to help carers identify if the patient is on the correct mattress.

Want comfort, but don’t need air?

The Oska Fika Mattress is designed for users who may be at high risk, however, do not require air pressure relief. This mattress is suitable as an aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure damage, for up to and including Category 2.

A Superficial Pressure ulcer (Category 1-2) is intact skin with non-blanchable redness, usually over more boney prominences such as the hip, bottom, heels or elbows. A Category 1-2 may include damaged epidermis and or dermis, leading to bleeding and further injury. A Superficial wound can also be determined through other signs such as discolouration, oedema, warmer or cooler when compared to other areas.

Featuring the Oska LDHR, Low Density, High Resistance foam, the Fika Mattress provides exceptional comfort and will significantly improve sleep quality. Innovative and efficient processes have been used in the design and manufacture of this specialist foam, reducing the need for an air mattress.

Low Density Foam provides increased airflow, which creates better temperature control and cooler sleeping. This is vital in the prevention of pressure ulcers, as heat leads to increased risk of wounds. The low-density foam also allows for ease of movement, as the foam doesn’t react to the body temperature like a high-density foam does. This means it springs back better and allows for more movement with less constriction.

The Oska High resistance combination foam provides the user with better support, having improved response time. This is beneficial to allow for movement and assist with transfers getting on and off the bed.

Pressure mapping and testing has been performed on the Oska Fika Mattress, showing the average pressure rating.


AEROLITE is a highly responsive foam with microclimate properties which allows the air to flow through the foam keeping the body cool and dry. Good microclimate management is important in preventing pressure ulcers from forming.

This foam makes up the top pressure relieving layer and OFFLOADER™ feature found on the Series2-V2 and Series4-V3 mattresses.

The Oska Fika Mattress is ideal for use on a profiling bed, being designed to reduce shear and friction and therefore minimise risk of pressure injury. This is achieved with two layers of foam; the base layer remaining in position on the bed frame, whilst the top layer moves with the user.

Minimising shear is a significant factor in the protection and prevention of pressure wounds. When a wound is formed by shear force it is formed from the inside and expands outward to the surface of the skin. As the wound begins in the deeper tissues, it can go undetected until it is seen on the surface of the skin, by which time it is very advanced. This means that early prevention is critical to reduce the risk of dangerous wounds.

The OFFLOADERTM function has been designed by Oska to simply and effectively reduce pressure risk on the heel, for the prevention and treatment of up to and including Category 4. This is achieved by suspending the heel, resulting in ‘zero pressure’. The Oska Fika Mattress has also been designed and created with a slight decline at the foot end, providing further heel relief. The Heel slope assists in the prevention of pressure ulcers in these areas.