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David, a 73-year old gentleman

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David, a 73-year old Gentleman

David is a 73-year-old gentleman, he lives with his wife in a 2-storey home. He has an extensive career working as a composer of music. David, unfortunately, suffers from a multitude of health problems. He has a kyphosis stature causing him to stoop forward at his neck and upper back. This is predominantly due to osteoporosis and has suffered vertebrae fractures requiring several spinal surgeries. He was also recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease which has significantly reduced his mobility, his movement is slow, and he presents with a freezing/festinating gait. As a result of all these health conditions, David is finding it increasingly more difficult to get on and off his sofa. He also finds he is unable to sit on the sofa as this causes immense pain in his back. Due to his posture, he has protruding bony prominence of his spine and he has developed grade 2 pressure injuries on this area of his trunk. He, therefore, spends his whole day in a supine lying position in his room and his mobility is further compromised as a result. He is unable to engage in composing music which he says is his main valued role and has been suffering from depression since this deterioration in physical function.

David was trialled with a Configura chair which aided his quality of life for the following reasons:

1. The chair was measured to fit– height adjustment kit and leg-rest adjustment was modified to accommodate his tall stature.

2. He was able to sit comfortably in the chair using the tilt in space and recline function to find a comfortable position to rest in.

3. The cushions were adjusted to a vertical orientation and stuffing was removed to accommodate his spinal protrusion and to aid comfort in sitting in the chair.

4. He uses the rise function to tilt forward and assist him to stand up without having to place too much further pressure through his body to stand.

5. His pressure areas on his back are healing as he can find altering positions throughout the day so reducing the amount of long-term pressure through his back.

6. He can position a table over the chair and has got back into composing music.

7. He can come downstairs to spend quality time with his wife, family, and friends when they visit.