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The best configurable hospital bed for home, facility and complex needs

Our most configurable bed yet. Have all of your clinical requirements met without compromising on style. You really can have it all with Empresa.

Configura Story

The Configura concept was born as we identified the need for a cost-effective chair that could be easily adjusted to meet varied and changing user needs.

Prescribing A Seating Solution Virtually During COVID-19

The Covid-19 crisis has impacted everyone’s lives in a very significant way. As OT's before we can come up with the solutions for our clients of how they can go about their days in an independent and safe way, we must first and foremost have to rethink how we go about our own productive occupation and in a way that will continue to provide a safe and effective service.

Commonly Asked Questions

We have spoken with our team who have daily conversations with OTs and Physios and we have collected a list of commonly asked questions. We've answered these questions so you have everything you need to get a head start this year.

Floor Hoists And Lifter Comparison

Finding the most appropriate equipment to suit client needs is of upmost importance to OTs and Physios. With many similar products on the market, it can be difficult to get an in-depth understanding of how products differ to determine the best option.

Personalise Your Configura Comfort

It is essential to have knowledge and understanding of the many ways we can Configure the chair with the large range of accessories to properly meet the needs of our clients.

Passive Lifters Can Be A Game-Changer When It Comes To Safe Patient Handling

We know that Passive Lifters can be a game-changer when it comes to safe patient handling in order to keep ourselves and our clients safe. In fact, research as part of the Work Safe 2015 guidelines demonstrate the correlation between interventions to improve manual handling of staff to improved patient outcomes.

Case Study With Liz

"Within two nights of using the OSKA Aria Mattress, the pain and weakness in my legs, when getting up during the night, had improved greatly, now I almost don’t feel any discomfort or weakness in my legs undertaking this activity."

Configura Advance Chair Provides Dignity And Comfort

Configura Advance chair provides dignity and comfort

Heel Slope

Pressure is distributed over the entire lower leg, reducing pressure on the heel. Ensuring that the weight it distributed through the calf not the heel.


V-GUARD Technology mattress covers are designed to provide comfort, being made from multi-stretch fabric.

Oxford Up User

The Oxford Up has been designed and made for those who are having difficulties standing up.

Oxford Up

Encourage supportive, safe and efficient transfers with ease.

Oxford Switch

Designed for those who require assistance in standing and transferring but can still actively engage in the movement and action.

Oxford Switch User

The Oxford Switch is designed for those who require some assistance when standing up and transferring. The user must have the muscle strength and tone to be able to actively contribute and engage in the movement.

Oska Offloader

The Offloader<sup>TM</sup> concept has been designed and developed for those who have or are at risk of pressure wounds on the heel.

Oska Alto, Series3-V4

OSKA ALTO, Series3-V4, is a full replacement pressure care relief system used as an aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure damage up to and including category 4.


Series4-V3, No power required, adjust itself, up to 230kg patient weight.

Case Study With David

David is a 73-year-old gentleman, he lives with his wife in a 2-storey home. He has an extensive career working as a composer of music. David, unfortunately, suffers from a multitude of health problems. He has a kyphosis stature causing him to stoop forward at his neck and upper back. This is predominantly due to osteoporosis and has suffered vertebrae fractures requiring several spinal surgeries. He was also recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease which has significantly reduced his mobility, his movement is slow, and he presents with a freezing/festinating gait. As a result of all these health conditions, David is finding it increasingly more difficult to get on and off his sofa. He also finds he is unable to sit on the sofa as this causes immense pain in his back. Due to his posture, he has protruding bony prominence of his spine and he has developed grade 2 pressure injuries on this area of his trunk. He, therefore, spends his whole day in a supine lying position in his room and his mobility is further compromised as a result. He is unable to engage in composing music which he says is his main valued role and has been suffering from depression since this deterioration in physical function.

Functional Independence Measure

FIM (Functional Independence Measure) is a widely used tool, particularly within the field of rehabilitation and involves the classification of a person's mobility according to 7 levels of function, from independence to total assistance.

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