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Configura Advance Chair Provides Dignity And Comfort

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May 3, 2021 9:25:49 AM PDT May 3, 2021 9:25:49 AM PDTrd, May 3, 2021 9:25:49 AM PDT

The Configura Advance chair provides dignity and comfort for a range of high needs users.

With the latest adaptive technology providing an all-in-one support solution, the Advance Chair can support the needs of pediatric, adolescent and adult users via adjustable components. With the largest range of motion for True Tilt Space available on the market, this chair provides premium comfort and support at an affordable price.

Auto compensating leg rest length

  • provides comfort and easy for people with low knee and hip mobility

Toolless Adjustments for Size Pressure & Posture

  • Make adjustments quicky and easily

Pediatric - Adolescent - Adult

  • A wide variety of adjustment to seat depth, height and width to be suitable users of any age

Social inclusion

  • The Configura Advance can help users rejoin social groups for a better quality of life


Let's deep dive into the features and benefits of the Congfigura Advance Chair by assessing size, pressure and posture.

One of the highlights of the Advance chair is its transformative ability to be suitable for uses of many different ages, shapes and sizes. The list below covers the minimum and maximum chair adjustments. From pediatric to adult, the advance will have you covered.

Seat Depth: 9 positions from 422mm (16.5") to 550mm (21.5")

Seat Height: 9 positions from 325mm (13") to 525mm (21")

Seat Width: 6 positions from 350mm (14") to 550mm (22")

Seat Height: 2 position 609mm (24") (standard) and 533mm (21") (lower frame mounting)


The Advance chair is suitable for users who are at risk or suffering from pressure wounds. The chair has a range of pressure care cushion options which provide customizable comfort and support. Cushions are to be selected for the user as a clinical decision involving many variable including undertaking a risk assessment.

Option one is the visco cushion which is suitable for prevention purposes. With heat-sensitive memory foam, it will contour to the body which provides maximum support and pressure redistribution, suitable for users who are at risk of pressure damage.

Does the user have their own suitable cushion they would like to continue using? The Configura Advance has an option available for insertion of your own cushion.

Option 3 is designed for pressure management. The powered alternating air cushion, with a battery-operated pump provides excellent comfort, stability and pressure relief.

The pressure relieving fabric and visco cushioning is integrated within the length of the leg rest to prevent pressure injuries developing.


Postural care is vital for health and wellbeing. A specialised chair to increase posture, needs to provide comfort for users with low levels of mobility. Users with stiffness in the knees and hips will benefit from the Configura Advance's tilt-in-space. This allows the legs to remain bent when moving backward into a tilted position. This is suitable for clients who have shortened hamstrings, lower limb contractures and spasticity. Leg rest elevation helps the user to relax and can help reduce fluid build-up in the legs used in conjunction with tilt in space. The leg rest function has been designed to lengthen with elevation using BodyMoveâ„¢ technology. This helps to ensure the whole leg is supported by the leg rest in elevation. Designed for people with contractures at the knees and shortened hamstring with reducing knee extension and therefore needing to be compensated within the leg rest angle of the chair.

The advance chair has backrest recline, with an easy-to-read label indicating what angle the chair is currently sitting at. When the back rest is reclined, the Advance chair Reduces the level of shear and movement in the hips which is ideal for stability at the pelvis during movement of the chair. There is also an option to lock the back rest at a particular angle. This needs to be reviewed when the chair is set up. There are two options for backrests including the standard and postural backrest.

For further customization of the chair to accommodate for postural requirements, we recommend removing filling from the mutli-adjustable pillow back rest.

With so many amazing features backed by clinical justification from our in-house OT, the Configura Advance provides a great option for high needs users of a variety of ages, shapes and sizes.

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