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Configura Story

The Configura concept was born as we identified the need for a cost-effective chair that could be easily adjusted to meet varied and changing user needs.

Three key areas of adjustment were identified:

Size: Seat height, depth and width of the chair had to be adjustable to accommodate many different user sizes that could use the one chair.

Pressure Care: Integral, interchangeable pressure cushions and even the ability to use the customer?s own cushion were needed so the chair could meet the needs of all levels of pressure care.

Posture Management: Interchangeable backrest options were required to accommodate all levels of postural need. Tilt-in-space mechanisms needed to be used to help maintain pelvic stability.

Since 2008 the Configura seating range has continued to evolve. The current range of chairs ranges from riser recliners, portable care chairs and bariatric chairs. The guiding principle of all our products is "innovation and affordability"; it's easy to do one or the other but difficult to do both. What makes our product special is that they combine both innovation and affordability?

The Concept of Configura Chairs


Using the Configura Assessment Form, select the correct chair including options for pressure care and posture management.


Chair is delivered within 2 working days, configured according to the specification chosen on Configura Assessment Form. Adjustments can be made on-site to ensure maximum comfort and effectiveness.


If the user's needs change over time, adjustments can be made such as increasing pressure care or providing more lateral support. In some cases, this will remove the need to issue a new chair.