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February 8, 2021 3:30:51 PM PST February 8, 2021 3:30:51 PM PSTth, February 8, 2021 3:30:51 PM PST

Designed for those who require assistance in standing and transferring but can still actively engage in the movement and action.


  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Simple to use
  • Easy transport and storage

The Oxford Switch is designed for those who require assistance in standing and transferring but can still actively engage in the movement and action.

Being ideal for those in rehabilitation or old age with reduced mobility, the Switch will actively encourage the user to participate in the movement. This is essential to help maintain and increase muscle strength and mobility.

Having the ability to stand up independently is one of the most essential daily actions. Most people would not think about standing up when they do it. Therefore, when aged, muscularly affected, or people in recovery are losing or gaining mobility it is vital that these actions and activities are practiced. This helps ensure mobility is kept and improved and increases independence. The Oxford Switch promotes muscle tone and balance, by assisting but not doing it for the patient. Being able to stand up easily has a huge impact on daily activities such as getting out of bed and getting up from a toilet or chair. Through encouraging the use of these muscles, it will help provide improved stability, balance and mobility, therefore increasing independence.

The Switch is perfect for on carer use, being easy to manoeuvre.

The overall weight and design have a large impact on the ease of use and therefore on the carers’ using it. Through the design and use of four mounted swivel castors, this provides ease of movement and increased manoeuvrability.

The Oxford Switch can be used and understood by anyone, being very simple to use. By just moving the platform up to the user, they are then able to place their feet on the low platform and use the grip bars to help stand up. This makes it easy to use in any situation, both at home and in a facility.

Whilst being extremely easy to manoeuvre, the Switch features a high safe working load of 180kg. this makes it very versatile, perfect for heavier patients, and facilities with different patient weights to consider.

Designed to be simple, safe and comfortable, the Switch features specific ergonomic considerations to assist and improve the process. The Switch allows the carer to bring the platform closer to the user, through the shape and size of the platform. This is beneficial to allow the user to be able to grip the bars for assistance and security. This is also essential to ensure the user can bring their knees close enough to the knee pads to encourage a comfortable and safe transfer.

The positioning and design of the grip bars and knee pads both contribute to ensuring the standing movement is smooth. This is important to bring it as close to the natural standing movement as possible and provide maximum comfort and security for the user.

Being easily taken apart and folded, the Switch can be transported and stored anywhere, at any time. Taking up minimal space, it is easy to store anywhere in the home or in a facility; whilst still being easy to put together when needed.

Difficulty switching from bed to chair?

Meet the Oxford Switch Stand Transfer.