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Tips from OT Miki Rossanis on how to further personalise your Configura Comfort

During my role as consultant occupational therapist a large part of my job has been supporting therapists in the prescription of the Configura range of chairs. It is essential to have knowledge and understanding of the many ways we can configure the chair with the large range of accessories to properly meet the needs of our clients.

I had the pleasure of visiting a client, Camilla, who was provided the basic Configura Comfort chair a year ago & no accessories were prescribed originally. On review it was evident that her functional needs had changed significantly over the course of the year. The height of the chair was too high for her, which impacted her positioning in the chair as she brought her feet on the ground for support. She was leaning over one side of her armrest. Her supportive family had bought her a pressure cushion and placed this on top of her existing Configura, further impacting the height of the chair and her positioning.

So what could be done to change the chair to meet her new needs?:

Height reduction kit

The 18" medium chair was adjusted to a height of 17� by securing on the height reduction kit to each foot. This made the chair height more appropriate for Camilla which helped her sit her bottom all the way back in the chair for optimal posture.

Adjustable Backrest

Camilla had difficulty maintaining herself in an upright posture and would heavily lean over the left side of her chair. The adjustable backrest was used to assist her to maintain an upright position throughout her time sitting in the chair. 4 lateral wedge supports were used; 2 at the bottom of the backrest to stabilise her pelvis and 2 on the sides of her shoulders to keep her trunk upright.

Cushion Air

Camilla was spending most of her day sitting in the Configura chair and was starting to develop redness on her sacrum as a result. The pressure cushion placed on top of her chair was not treating her injuries, if anything it was impacting on her poor posture. The cushion air was set up in the chair, which did not impact the height of the chair and gave her a high level of pressure care management during the long periods she was sitting in the chair.

A few simple changes to a person’s environment can make the world of difference to their health and wellbeing.

It is crucial to be aware of all the accessories available in the configura range to make sure you are setting up the chair correctly for each client. If you need help with the clinical decision of which accessory is appropriate when please get in touch!