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Prescribing a Seating Solution Virtually During COVID 19

The Covid-19 crisis has impacted everyone’s lives in a very significant way. As OT's before we can come up with the solutions for our clients of how they can go about their days in an independent and safe way, we must first and foremost have to rethink how we go about our own productive occupation and in a way that will continue to provide a safe and effective service.

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Configura Case Study - Helen

Helen is a 64-year-old lady who had a left MCA infarct. This affected the right side of her body as she presented with severe motor and sensory loss to her lower and upper limbs. Initially, she was unable to sit upright without support and had impaired sitting balance. She would lean heavily to her weaker right side due to lack of muscle activation and strength at her core and trunk. She spent a long period of rehabilitation in the hospital where she gradually regained movement to her right leg and arm. However, during the initial stages due to long periods of lying in bed, she developed a Grade 1 pressure injury on her sacrum. On discharge from hospital, she was able to mobilise with maximum assistance of one person for safety with standing and prompting for bringing attention to her right side when walking.

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Configura Case Study - Carol

Carol is 45 years old and lives with her husband and her 2 teenage daughters in her own home. She works at home as a freelance graphic designer. She recently had worsening of symptoms of her primary progressive MS – originally diagnosed 5 years ago. She noticed new symptoms of reduced balance and strength affecting her ability to stand up from her armchair and resulted in a fall trying to get up.

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Functional Independence Measure

FIM (Functional Independence Measure) is a widely used tool, particularly within the field of rehabilitation and involves the classification of a person's mobility according to 7 levels of function, from independence to total assistance.

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OT Consultations

At Enable Lifecare we support Occupational Therapist’s & dealers throughout the assessment and prescription process of our products. We can offer this service both in person (within the Perth metro area) as a second pair of hands on a trial or alternatively through the means of telehealth via a virtual consultation.

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The Configura Story

The Configura concept was born as we identified the need for a cost-effective chair that could be easily adjusted to meet varied and changing user needs.

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