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Meet Miki, your occupational therapist on demand!

We are thrilled to introduce our newest member to join the Enable Lifecare team.

Please meet Miki Rossanis - Consultant Occupational Therapist who possess extensive experience throughout the UK and Australia in the areas of seating, pressure care and manual handling.

Stay tuned for an upcoming array of possibilities on how your business can benefit from our interactive OT training programs.

I am passionate about promoting independence, reducing risk and strain on clients and careers, working with a range of clients that have physical disabilities and/or cognitive impairments.

Through product development, leading training sessions, providing advice and guidance to therapists, mobility shops and through direct contact with clients. I am able to use various methods to work with others and achieve these goals.

Above all I care about what a client needs in order to improve and maintain their quality of life and I am eager to bring awareness of the best assistive technologies available in achieving this.

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