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For a person with category 3 or 4 pressure injury or at very high risk of developing pressure injuries the OSKA ALTO would be a suitable option due to:


Pressure Care: to treat or prevent pressure areas from developing.

A person with a disability will have many factors contributing to their risk of developing pressure injuries. We recommend completing an assessment tool to guide the process of identifying the level of risk (have a look at the Purpose T very easy to use tool). This will be a leading factor to guide your equipment prescription and decision making for the most appropriate mattress for the person. (no Risk, Low Risk, High Risk, Very High Risk, Category 1/2 , Category 3/4 /Unstageable). For a person with category 3 or 4 pressure injury or at very high risk of developing pressure injuries the OSKA ALTO would be a suitable option due to:

Features of the OSKA ALTO mattress for the prevention or treatment of pressure injuries include:

  • Anti Shear Design

    Pressure injuries occur due to a combination of pressure and shear on an area of the body. The design of the mattress reduces the risk of shear on the body as the base foam of the mattress remains in position on the bed frame, the top moves with the user, to reduce friction and pressure damage.

  • Alternating Air

    The alternating air mattress allows for improved blood flow, improving circulation throughout the body of the user. The intermit offloading of the bony prominences between using a pressure on/pressure off cycle between adjacent cells provides a high level of pressure relief. This consequently gives better comfort and higher-pressure alleviation, being perfect for users who have increased pressure care needs and for treatment of pressure injuries.

  • Air Cell Design

    The air cells of the mattress have a 2-part cell system in each cell which reduces the risk of “bottoming out”. This cell in cell technology incorporates a membrane in the top cell which stops the cell side ballooning out and pressure being released into adjacent cells. The width of the cell does not change, meaning you get a true pressure on/pressure off between cells for optimised offloading and high level of healing qualities. (Ask to see the technical report by Flinders university for pressure mapping details).

  • Vapour permeable material

    This bi-elastic PU/polyester coating reduces the risk of developing pressure damage through allowing interface movement which helps lower the risk of shear damage, friction and disperse moisture.

Transfers: to allow a person to easily transfer in and out of bed or to promote independent repositioning and movement.

A large factor of prescribing a pressure mattress is ensuring a person will manage their transfer/movement in bed with the mattress provided. By providing a mattress that treats their pressure injury we do not want to be inhibiting them from movement/transfers as is often the case.

The OSKA ALTO features which promote safe/easy/independent movement and transfers include:

  • Air mattress surround

    Transfers are made easier and mobility and independence is encouraged by using the air mattress surround which creates a more solid border around the mattress. It also allows the mattress to be compatible with a king single bed frame.

  • Auto firm mode

    This function can be used to inflate all cells of the mattress for easier patient care, manual handling, and transfers.

Comfort: to provide a person with the ability to sleep and rest comfortably in bed to encourage participating and engagement in daily activities.

If a person is not comfortable on the mattress provided, they will likely not comply with using the product. But more importantly a person uncomfortable on their mattress can have many long lasting detrimental effects on their health and wellbeing – reduced sleep, longer time in bed, contributing to higher level of pressure risk, reduce mobility, poor participation in valued roles and activities.

The OSKA ALTO has been designed to incorporate a high level of comfort through the use of the following features:

  • Increased number of cells

    The increased number of cells (20) creates more comfort and therefore more likelihood of compliance by the user.

  • Whisper quiet pump

    The whisper quiet feature is a favoured option for clients using the mattress especially on a long-term basis for improved relaxation and quality sleep. The hibernation feature results in the mattress pump switching off when it gets up to the correct amount of pressure in each cell – reducing noise completely. At 20dB it is whisper quiet.

  • 4 star comfort rating

Size and Shape: to allow the option of sizes for a wide range of different users and differing types of bed.

The mattress provided to a client needs to be compatible with that persons weight, height and their environment I.e. type of bed.

The OSKA ALTO is compatible with:

  • Single or king single bed using the air mattress surround

    Allows the mattress to be compatible with a king single bed frame.

  • Weight capacity

    Max user weight of 175kg

  • Standard or profiling bed

    This unique cell design provides a static air base preventing the cells ‘bunching up’ as the bed profiles ensuring the alternating cells are remain effective and making it a compatible option for profiling beds.

Maintenance: easy maintenance of the bed assists in assuring a client and their carers of the effectiveness of the product and helps reduce future costs in longevity of the product.

Important factors when considering the correct mattress for a person is how easily the product can be used/maintained for safe and efficient use.

The following maintenance features of the OSKA ALTO contributing to the long-lasting nature of the product.

  • Easy to clean and chemical resistant

    The material of the mattress cover withstands aggressive cleaning regime which helps maintain a high level of infection control and which extends the life compared to traditional materials. Washable to 95 degrees Celsius.

  • Welded seems

    The design stops the spread of infection at home, hospital or care setting as there are no holes or gaps for bacteria to get into. This also reduces the possibility of moisture (i,e, incontinence) seeping into the centre of the mattress.

  • Crib 5 fire rating

    High fire rating score makes this a suitable option to ensure safety of clients, especially those at risk of fire outbreaks i.e. use of oxygen.

  • Easy to use digital pump

    This allows for maximum care with minimal maintenance. The digital pump controls the amount of air being inflated and deflated in each cell at one time, and the rate and cycle at which this is done. This makes it an ideal option for busy hospital settings and in the community setting when there is not constant supervision of the user.

  • Self-sealing valves

    In the unlikely event of damage to a cell of the mattress, simply disconnect the cell and the mattress will continue to operate normally.

  • Transport cap

    Air pressure can be contained using the cap to maintain air pressure in the mattress. This is appropriate for use in the event of mattress failure or a power outage.

  • Lower pressure alarm

    Provides you with an alarm when the air cell pressure is reducing due to damage of puncture. This property allows for quick and efficient response to the reducing air in the mattress.