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Seating & the Configura Concept

Continuing Professional Development

Clinical Training

Do you need a refresher on the concepts relating to seating management and why specialised seating is so important?

Key learning outcomes:

  • Delve into the reasons we issue seating.
  • Introduction to the concept of seating management
  • The relationship between size, pressure, and posture.
  • An overview of pressure care in seating.
  • An overview of postural management in seating prescription.
  • Case Study and application of concepts to a range of conditions.

Practical Training

Are you interested in the practical information of what to assess when prescribing a seating solution?

Key learning outcomes:

  • Seating assessment strategies for the configura chairs.
  • Overview of the assessment form.
  • Measuring guide for comfort and bariatric chairs.
  • Important assessment considerations for prescribing the configura chair.
  • Assessment of pressure, posture, range of motion.

Technical Training

Would you like a refresher of the concepts relating to pressure care management?

Key learning outcomes:

  • Pressure care - delve into understanding key definitions of pressure, friction, shear.
  • Pressure injury risk factors – what to be aware of and why.
  • Evidence base of pressure management – what we know from evidence base.
  • Enable life care research of OSKA mattresses.