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Feel confident and at ease next time you need to assess and select the right type of mattress for your clients

Clinical Training

Would you like a refresher of the concepts relating to pressure care management?

Key learning outcomes:

  • Pressure care - delve into understanding key definitions of pressure, friction, shear.
  • Pressure injury risk factors – what to be aware of and why.
  • Evidence base of pressure management – what we know from evidence base.
  • Enable life care research of OSKA mattresses.

Practical Training

Would you like a refresher of how to assess pressure care risk and relate this to mattress selection?

Key learning outcomes:

  • Assessment of risk – review of tools available.
  • Assessment of pressure categories – how to assess level of skin damage.
  • Clinical features of OSKA mattresses related to assessment.

Technical Training

Would you like to learn all the specific features of the OSKA mattresses that set them apart from the current market?

Key learning outcomes:

Learn about the key features and see a demonstration of:

  • OSKA FIKA (Foam Mattress)
  • OSKA ARIA (Hybrid Mattress)
  • OSKA ALTO (Alternating Air Mattress)